14 February
Agency/client relationship

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day of love and romance. Old and new relationships. It’s often cited, that the average agency/client relationship is just three years. Developing an agency/client relationship over time is a delicate process. I think we’re pretty good at it – we’ve still got clients that were with us at the start of Fresh PR! We achieve successful client relationships by following a few simple steps…

Set goals

It’s important at the beginning of the partnership to define the goals of the programme. Whether it’s increasing enquiries, getting articles in your favourite trade magazine, growing website visitors, ramping up thought leadership through content marketing or expanding your social media presence, it’s always a good idea to know what success looks like. Without them, the agency has no direction.

Honestly manage expectations

We’re honest people, and like working with other honest people. We all need to be open about what can be expected – whether it’s the client being honest about what they expect for their money, or the agency being honest about what they are able to deliver. Setting the scope of the programme or project and agreeing the timescales, outcomes and budgets from the very beginning are paramount for a successful collaboration.

Face-to-face investment

Email, phone calls, teleconfs, text, Twitter or pigeon carrier are a great way to keep in touch, but we can’t hide behind technology all of the time. We like to spend time face-to-face with clients. It helps form relationships and is a great way to gather ideas and creativity. We often get great stories from chatting whilst making coffee!

Be part of the team

Agencies need to be much more than just a service provider – we work closely with our clients’ in-house marketing teams to help them understand how to get the very best from their relationship with us. This saves time for us and for them, and streamlines the creative process.

As if we were working within the client’s marketing team, we always take the time to develop a deep understanding of their business, their wider industry sectors and their key competitors. We are dedicated to having the best specialists, which is why we employ engineers and technical copywriters with years of experience, and creatives with multi-platform abilities. We have these resources, so you don’t have to!

They’re our steps to a successful relationship. If you want to read more about agency/client relationships, then the PRCA (Public Relations Consultants Association) has produced a Client Consultancy Partnership Charter, which explains to both clients and PR practitioners what their duties and responsibilities are at each stage of their collaboration.

Thanks to the PRCA Charter and our own internal quality policies we are able to offer specialised marketing and communications services that create ‘Valentine’s Day’ agency/client relationships every day! Big love to all of our clients and partners.

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